Cougar USA Customer Service during COVID-19 Outbreak

At this point, you have received multiple emails regarding companies’ response to COVID-19, so this will be a brief update on how Cougar USA can be of service moving forward. Our first priority is the safety of our employees, partners, and customers, and we will adapt to the changing situation to serve our customers the best we can.

Our office, warehouse, and panel shop are open with normal hours, but we will be limiting activities such as in-person training (more on that below). We will have a portion of our team working remotely; however, this will be seamless for you as we are using cloud-based communication systems.

Our service techs and sales team are available for site visits and will take all necessary precautions while on site.

We also have multiple ways to support you remotely!

Virtual Meetings.

We can host video calls and screen share one on one or with large teams.


Remote Guidance Support

With our Remote Guidance tool, we can initiate an interactive video call with you and guide you through a service call or site visit as if we are on site.


Live Webinar Training Classes. 

Our in-person training schedule has been replaced with live, interactive online webinars. You will still be able to participate in the Kahoot for prizes at the end of the class!  We can also provide Lunch & Learns using this format as well.


Night’s Watch 24/7

Our support team remains on call to help with anything you may need.


Stay Informed

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