Guide to Reopening Buildings After COVID-19

Guide to Reopening Buildings After COVID-19

Reopening buildings that have been unoccupied or under-occupied for the last 30-60 days may create some water quality issues you may need to address. Here are some resources to help this transition as smooth as possible:


We recently hosted a webinar with Patrick Verwys from Triple Clear where he explains the potential water quality issues and how the Force Field filter technology can help in multiple applications when reopening buildings.  Watch the webinar here.


Mike Fehr (owner of Fehr Solutions, an independent water consultant), created two checklists that outline a detailed plan to identify systems, how to flush and/or change filters, and how to test the results to ensure the system is clean. Click below for the guides on Potable and Non-Potable water systems.

Non-Potable Water Portable Water

On-Site Legionella Testing

We can provide On-Site, accurate testing for live Legionella bacteria with results in 45 minutes using the Spartan Cube.  For more information click below.

Legionella Testing Spartan Cube

Point of Use Filters

We have Triple Clear Force Field filters in stock for multiple applications.

  • Point of Use Filter Kit – installed before any sink, ice machine, coffee maker, etc. 
  • Elkay & Halsey Taylor Drinking Fountains and Bottle Filling Stations – direct replacement filters with Force Field.


The ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force has developed a guide with recommendations for building reopening. As well as, guidelines on operations of HVAC systems to prepare for the reopening of schools and universities.

Digital Thermometer

This device can monitor people’s temperature in building’s entrances 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions/ concerns. You can contact us here or call

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